Industrial Hose makes a contribution on oil and gas fields

Achievements: The flexible wear-resistant ultra-high pressure manifold developed in 1997, passed the appraisal at the ministerial level on November 8, 2000, which is mainly applied for under-well fracturing operation for land and offshore oil field and oil gas.

Cases: Up to the first half of 2011, our company has occupied flexible hose market by approximately 70% for the overall 12000 kilometers flexible composite hose for high pressure transmission at Chongqing Oil Field, and Tarim Oil Field etc. including oil hose, gas transmission hose, alcohol injection pipeline and water injection line and others.

In the following are the specific project cases that we have participated in.

  • Daqing Field
    Terpolymer pipeline of the first, second and third oil production plants
    Electric heat tracing pipeline of the eighth oil production plant
    Water injection line of the fourth oil production plant
  • Xinjiang Tarim Oil Field
    Gas transmission pipeline Tazhong operating area
    Water injection line at Hade operation area
    Water injection line at Lunnan operating area
  • Changqing Oil Field
    Alcohol injection pipeline of the first and second oil production plants
    Gas transmission pipeline of the third oil production plant
    High pressure water injection line of the second, third, fifth, sixth and seventh oil production plants
    Oil pipeline of the third oil production plant
  • Huabei Oil Field
    Double-doped gathering line of the fifth oil production plant
    High pressure water injection line of the fourth oil production plant
  • Coal bed gas in Jincheng, Shanxi
  • Cnooc China Limited
    JZ9-3W flow line used for water
    JZ25-1S flexible pipe spool piece
Industrial hoses used in oil field Industrial hoses are used for oil transmission
The oil hose line in Xinjiang Oil Field Industrial hoses are used in the oil field
Our flexible composite hoses are used for transmission gas Industrial hoses are widely used for oil transmission
Flexible composite hose are used for gas conveying in oil field Ocean transmission flexible hoses used in high pressure condition
Industrial hoses are put on the ship to handle oil Industrial hoses are on the working site
Industrial hoses are in workers’ hands Workers are working on the industrial hose for better use

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