Brief introduction on industrial hoses usages and classifications

Industrial Hose Brief Introduction:

Industrial hose is also known as industrial rubber hose. It’s one hose that is used as connector in all kinds of equipment for industries. Compared with hard hoses, industrial hoses have the excellent flexible and bending features.

Industrial hose is used in the more complex, even worse operating environment than civilian hose. And the equipment also has more demanding requirements to hose, so the industrial hoses has the strict specification and standard from the design, material choice, production, transportation to the ultimate storage.

Industrial hoses are available in wider range of size option, vast range of pressure and temperature and higher chemical resistance.

Industrial hose for material transport service with spiral galvanized steel reinforcement Industrial hose used for industrial water suction and discharge
Smooth surface industrial hose for material handling Middle-sized PVC industrial hose with blue spiral helix

Industrial Hoses Applications:
Industrial hoses are applied in all fields of production manufacturing and distributing areas. They are widely used in petroleum, chemical engineering, shipyards, tankers, agriculture, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries, as well as used for hot and cold water, steam, ventilation, cooling, fire protection, hydraulic, media such as air, water, fog, mud, sand and iron tablets, etc.

Industrial Hoses Classifications:
In order to adjust to the physical and chemical conditions in every profession and trade, usually industrial hoses have to obey the strict executive standard on the chemical material and engineering of the inner and outer hose tube.

The common materials are PVC, PUR, NR, SBR, EPDM, NBR, Si, CR and UPE or XLPE.

According to the working conditions, industrial hoses can be classified into following types:

  • Water hose
    It is mainly used for irrigation, gardening, building, fire, equipment and tank cleaning, agricultural fertilizers, manure, industrial waste water drainage. The inner tube is mainly made from PVC and EPDM.
  • Hot water and steam hose
    This kind of hose is used for refrigeration equipment cooling water, the engine cold or hot water, food processing, especially for hot water and saturated steam of the dairy plant. The inner tube is mostly made of EPDM.
  • Beverage and food hose
    This kind of hose is made of high quality polyurethane, designed for extraction/suction and injection/pressure in the food and pharmaceutical industries. They are used for non-lipid such as milk, carbonated, orange juice, beer, animal and vegetable oils, such as drinking water.
  • Air hose
    Air hoses are widely used in compressors, pneumatic lines and systems, blowing machines, spray guns and sprayers, and they find applications in construction sites, garages, mines and various industrial fields.
  • Ventilation hose
    Ventilation hoses are used for handling air, smoke, dust, gases, fumes, sawdust, chips, abrasive dust, powdered and granular materials in the agriculture, chemical, wood and many other industries.
  • Material handling hose
    Material handling hose is widely used for transporting gas, mist, powder, particles, fibers, gravel, cement, fertilizer, coal dust, and the fluids containing solid particles of sand, concrete and gypsum. The outer surface has high wear resistance.
  • Oil transmission hose
    Used for transmission of oil, petroleum and other petroleum products in land or ocean, and its inner tube is made of NBR, PVC and SBR. And the outer surface has excellent wear-resistance.
  • Chemical hose
    Chemical hose is used for transportation of acidic chemical products. It is resistant to most chemicals and hostile environment with a non-stick inner surface even at high temperature.
Drinking water delivery hose Petrochemical transportation composite hose
Blue color water hose with yellow wave stripe Industrial hose for petrochemical transmission
industrial hose with transparent tube Three industrial hoses with steel spiral
Industrial hose used for food transportation Three material handling hoses

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