Nylon coiling air hose for most pneumatic equipment in an economical way

Yellow Nylon Coiled Air Hose with spring guards
Nylon Coiled Air Hose

Nylon coiled air hose is recommended for transporting air, water, lubricating oils and many solvents. It can extend up to 30 times its stored length and turn to its original shape after release. Its compact nature keeps it out of the way when it is used in tight working conditions such as moving air equipment and work benches. Note: Nylon self-coiling air hose can’t extend to its full length. Maximum working length will be about 75% of actual length.

Nylon coiling air hose is an economical alternative for many applications including any garage or shop using pneumatic tools. Swivel fittings with spring guards are attached to each end for preventing kinks and tangles. It is suitable for all air-powered equipment on the spot, in the garages, plants and service stations.

  • Construction: Permanently coiled, oil and abrasion resistant nylon.
  • Operating Temperature: +30°F to +120°F (0°C to +48°C).
  • Operating Pressure: 200 psi.
  • Hose Size: 1/4” and 3/8”.
  • Recommended couplings: swivel fittings.

Features & Benefits:

  • Better oil resistance.
  • Better clean ability.
  • Less weight for easy dragging.
  • Non-marring.
  • Good kink resistance.
  • Reasonable price.

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