Hybrid PVC/RUBBER Air Hose - Flexible & Lightweight

Hybrid air hose features oil-resistant nitrile tube and modified PVC/NBR cover. PVC/NBR cover materially improves the performance in resisting abrasion and oil corrosion. Hybrid air water hose is found numerous applications including agriculture, foundry, factories, mines and other applications where oil-saturated air is full. Nitrile tube is also non-conductive with a minimum one megohm resistance per inch at 1000 volts DC. 

ybrid PVC/RUBBER air hose with black nitrile tube
PVC/NBR Air Hose

  • Tube: black nitrile.
  • Reinforcement: multiple textile spirals.
  • Cover: PVC/NBR blended compound.
  • Operating Temperature: -20°F to +158°F (-30°C to +70°C) continuous, 80°C intermittent.
  • Safety factor: 4:1.
  • MOQ: 600 Meters.
  • Recommended couplings: universal interlocking, barbed inserts, crimp couplings.
  • Application: available for conveying air, water and many chemicals as well as oil, diesel, lubricating oils. Unleaded gasoline is not recommended. 

Feature & Benefit:

  • PVC/NBR cover.
  • Oil-resistant nitrile tube.
  • 500 psi constant pressure.
  • Non-conductive hose.
  • Lighter than rubber, more flexible than PVC.
PVC/Nitrile Hybrid Air Hose Specification
Nominal ID Nominal O.D. W.P. Bend Radius Spirals
inch mm mm psi inch  
1/4 6 15.9 500 2.0 4
3/8 10 19 500 2.5 4
1/2 13 22.2 500 3.0 4
3/4 19 30.1 500 4.5 4
1 25 38.1 500 6.0 4

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