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Wide range industrial hoses and our main industrial hose products

Hebei Qianli Rubber Products Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of industrial hoses used for many applications to meet customers’ demand. The industrial hoses are flexible, and they are used in various industries. The materials of hoses are usually PVC, PUR, NR, SBR, EPDM, NBR, CR, Si, UPE or XLPE.

Wide range industrial hoses and applications

We have a wide range of industrial hoses products: chemical hose used for chemical service, food hose used for beverage, foodstuffs, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry, material handling hose used for material suction and discharge, petroleum hose used for petroleum and oil transmission, steam hose used for handling hot water and steam and also our featured flexible composite hose used for high pressure transmission on the land or in ocean.

Main industrial hoses

Water hose is widely used and well received by people in industry especially in summer. The water hoses are flexible and wear resistant as well as weather resistant in the bad conditions. They can work from -35 to 80°C.

Our flexible hoses are originally invented and designed by our research and development department. There are five series of flexible hoses: alcohol injecting hose series, oil hose pipeline series, water filling hose series, gas hose series and self-regulating electric tracing hose series. They are not only used in land but also can be used in ocean. Also customized products are welcomed.

In this site, customers can find the suitable industrial hoses to meet unique requirements. If you have any questions or any problems, please contact us without hesitation.

Hot Products

Industrial Hose

    Industrial Hose

  • Industrial hoses are used in all fields of industry and they can be classified into different types by materials and working conditions.
Dredge Sleeve for Dredging Applications. 3/8” SBR Tube, 150 psi, I.D. 4” to 18”

    Dredge Sleeve Hose

  • Dredge sleeve hose is made of 3/8” SBR tube and 3/32” SBR cover for dredging applications. Hose I.D. from 4” to 18” and working pressure..
Paint & Solvent Fluid Transfer Hose, 1/4”, 3/8” and 1/2”; ideal for paint fluids, chemical solvents, lacquers and oils.

    Paint & Solvent Transfer Hose

  • Paint & solvent transfer hose features nylon & polyolefin tube which resists oils, solvents, asphalt sealer solvents, paint fluids.
Air Hose

    Air Hose

  • Air hoses are air brake hose and air compressor hose. They are suitable for handling air problems in the fields of industry in high temperat..